Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shoo Fly

Mini quilt number five is under way. It's the shoo fly block from Quilt-in-a-day 'Underground Railroad Sampler'. I'll do another half a block and it should fit the shelf perfectly. I'll have just enough pink to finish it off. It feels really good to be using up all these scraps. I tend to buy individual bits of fabric that I really like (rather than pieces from a complete collection), and often the bits don't mix and match particularly well. The colours might be right, but the styles don't fit or vice versa. So it's good to be putting lots of scraps into these little quilts.
This is the first block I've made from this book and the instructions were really easy to follow with lots of clever short cuts. I really like tradition quilt patterns. I admire the women who have put all these patterns together. It's like maths in fabric - the geometry is genius.
Two new mugs from Habitat. So pretty. The peacock mug is so rich and luscious, and the blue mug fits in with my little aqua-themed collection.
I bought running shoes today. My old trainers were twenty years old... which is an indication of how little I actually used them! I'm inspired this year to increase my cardio fitness. I'm not a swimmer, or a cyclist, or a gym person - which leaves power walking and light jogging. There. I've announced my intentions to the world, so I have to follow through. But I'd always rather be crafting...

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