Monday, January 9, 2012

Is that another pinwheel?

It's finished! Mini-quilt number two.
I'm very happy with the quilting. I did a simple diagonal grid. Then bound it in white. I'd have loved to have a mint green binding to match the floral, but didn't have anything suitable in my stash.
Two down, four to go.
The 'Row by Row' quilt now has a backing. I chose an unbleached calico (pictured) as a compromise - no suitable blues in Hobart. Time to get it to the Quilted Crow for quilting!
I've had this block sitting around for nearly two years. It was a challenge to myself when I first starting quilting to see if I could do something more complicated than squares. And, yes, by coincidence it happens to be a sort of pinwheel. I sashed it and now it's become mini-quilt number three.
It's all sandwiched and ready to quilt and I'll bind it in the small floral. It's really hard to photograph these colours. There's a soft lime green in there, but you can't quite make it out - it blends with the beige. You can just make out the green in the previous photo. I'll play around with my camera settings some more tomorrow and see if I can do better.
The kitchen. Second wall scrubbed. Cutting in started. But the weather's about to turn cold, so unfortunately I won't be able to do as many coats tomorrow as I'd like. Each coat will need longer to dry. It's just started raining now, and apparently we're expecting highland snow on Wednesday! After the heat wave last week!

Challenging myself to sew and paint and blog has been really good. I'm tired because I'm pushing myself, but hopefully at the end of my holidays I'll have achieved a lot - and will be able to see what I've done by looking back at my blog entries. It's a good motivator!

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