Saturday, January 7, 2012

A busy day with a retro flavour

Here is my first shelf liner mini-quilt. I used leftover jelly roll pieces from my 'Row by Row' quilt (more of that below!). The fabric is 'Punctuation' by American Jane and has a lovely retro thirties feel to it which compliments my small collection of vintage 'girls adventure' hardbacks. You can see some vintage knitting needles there too.

The quilt is quite busy but it's growing on me. I quilted it in parallel lines either side of the seams.

I think I like the back better than the front! I had fun making this and am looking forward to the next five. I don't know what they'll be like yet and am itching to use up bits of my stash - and maybe try some things I wouldn't be game to do in a larger piece.

The top is pieced! Here is my almost finished 'Row by Row' quilt. I finished it just before Christmas and need to find some suitable backing. I'd like a warmish mid-blue, but am not having much luck finding any...

When the backing is ready I'll take it to the Quilted Crow girls for machine quilting. 

I finally finished this shawl - sewing the last lot of squares together this morning. This one's been on the go for about 3 or 4 years now and I'm SOOOO glad I managed to finish it! I'm determined to finish all my projects these holidays before I start TOO many other things.... But it's always intoxicating to start something new - choosing a project, the colours, casting on the first stitches or playing with fabrics.

The pattern is a Jo Sharp from her 'Village' book and the yarn is a very fine mohair - Kid Seta by Madil. I didn't use the recommended Jo Sharp yarn because I wanted a finer shawl and it turned out to be much more economical too. I think you'll agree it's a beautiful pattern and the result is quite lovely. I'm very pleased with it.

In between the shawl and the quilt I did another two coats of paint in the kitchen. I think that wall is done now - after four coats it should be! Tomorrow I'll move the fridge and the stove and get started on the next wall. Bit by bit it's getting done.


  1. Beautiful projects. The mini quilt looks awesome on both sides. Love your row by row quilt, the fabrics are so cheerful and the shawl I will drool over a little longer. Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Lynda, for all your positive comments. I like your description of the quilt as cheerful!