Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two weekends... and a magic loop!

Last weekend was drizzly and overcast and my mood switched from patchwork to cosy knitting, and here is the result...
One sock. Very quick to knit in Crofter DK, done on two needles and seamed. Not quite finished as you can see. A very easy, mindless knit. Once, a long time ago, I knit a sock in the round using 4 ply yarn. One sock. And found the tedium unbearable, and discovered I hate knitting in the round on double pointed needles, and never finished the second sock. Juggling all those needles drove me mad.

Recently I found the most gorgeous fingerless mitt pattern on the web - and wouldn't you know it's knit in the round. But I bought the pdf anyway because I just loved the mitts, and mitts are smaller than socks, and I thought I might just manage.
This weekend the weather has been extreme for Hobart - in the high thirties - not good weather for sewing or using the iron! So I decided again to knit. And worked on the beautiful mitts (pictured above). The pattern recommends using the 'magic loop' method and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Who would have thought knitting in the round could be so addictive? I have caught mitt mania and already have a few more magic loop mitt projects lined up. Using the recently purchased yarn below.
Do I need more yarn? No. Is it slightly odd to be thinking about winter mitts in thirty plus degree weather? Yes. But I have mitt mania...

Not glove mania, I will be clear about that. Gloves have fingers. And who wants to knit in tiny circles round and round ten tiny times? Not me. I'm very happy to knit gloves on two needles and seam each and every finger. I shall leave the round and roundness to fingerless mitts!

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  1. These mitts are looking fabulous! I think you might have inspired me to try and learn the magic loop method too! I knit in the round with double pointed needles a lot, but have never tried the magic loop method. So I'm off to learn something new!