Monday, February 13, 2012

The blocks are done!

All 42 squares are ready to be sewn together. This will have to wait until next weekend. I'll need to tweak the block positions to get the balance just right.
I'm itching to buy fabric for the border, backing and binding, but the sensible thing to do will be to wait until the blocks are joined together. Then hopefully I'll get a better idea of which prints will work the best.

I do know I want a rich red for the border and backing, maybe the large scale print above for the back? I usually choose a cheap plain cotton for the back, but I'm going to splash out this time on fabrics from the same range. This quilt feels special and timeless to me, and I think it will be worth spending the extra money on more Rouenneries Deux to finish it 'properly'.

I'm also pondering a change to my blog banner. I'm thinking maybe squares of knitting, patchwork and embroidery in matching colours joined together, and with the words 'Yarn and Yearn' somehow worked into the pieces. I just love what other people have done with the look of their blogs. The banner really sums up the style of a blog, and at the moment I'm not sure mine says much at all. I really admire people who have a strong sense of their own style and express it in every detail. I suppose these are the people who inspire us to keep on creating - I know I'm never lost for ideas, and I thank all you wonderful crafters out there for keeping me inspired and motivated!

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