Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A bag and a glove

It was my cousin's birthday in January and I made her a patchwork shopping tote. I used up all my eighths of some Heather Bailey Freshcut that I bought a few years ago. They were just waiting for the right project! I also added in the bright yellow and the brown print - I think they really make the other pieces zing. The bag is lined in patched pieces of Freshcut and is reversible.
The glove is the second half of my dear friend Izabel's birthday present. She received one glove for her birthday last year and I didn't manage to finish the other one until my summer holidays! Apologies Izabel! But I hope you enjoy your gloves when the weather cools and you have fun with the book. The glove is from a lovely Patons vintage book and has bobbles around the cuff and a little lace detail on the back. It is knitted in a 5 ply possum merino from New Zealand.
Both presents were packaged thus. In sheet music from 'The Mikado' sewn into an envelope.
Here is my finished cupboard and painted kitchen and tidy house! The remaining green wall will be covered with off white tiles to become a splash-back for the stove. I cooked dinner for friends recently and it was so nice not to have to spend half an hour moving things off the table and couch to make room for guests!
This is a view of the shelves on the kitchen side (behind that upper right blank panel that you can see in the previous photo). I had so much fun rearranging kitchen stuff and putting my nicest crockery on display. This is my little minimal designer zone and it makes me calm to look at it.

I have some more stuff to show you in my next few posts including some more Hop Skip Jump toys and a finished quilt! I hope you come back and take a look!

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  1. The glove is uber cute! I love the cuff detail and few rows of rib. Great job on the kitchen too. It looks fabulous.