Friday, January 17, 2014

Ahoy, there!

My four year old nephew was wearing a pirate t-shirt the other day and it gave me the idea for this embroidered badge. I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out - I hope he likes it!

This brooch has been sitting half done in a bag for a couple of years now! It's been nice to get it finished. For both badges I used recycled linen, crewel wool and a felted wool back.

The clasps are from Spotlight and I hope they last. They feel a bit cheap, but were the only ones available at the time.

The yellow flower brooch was completed a few years ago and I had forgotten all about it. I quite like the format of these pins. There are quick and easy to make, and would make great presents - especially for children. I start out by making a gathered yo-yo from the linen, reinforcing it with a circle of cheap felt inside, then doing the embroidery through all the layers. The felted wool back is stitched on using blanket stitch, and then the clasp attached last of all.

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