Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Autumn

I love Autumn - it's my favourite season. The air starts to get crisp and I get all my winter clothes out from the trunk under my bed and start thinking about scarvess and gloves and hats. Yesterday afternoon I went fungi spotting along the Pipeline track up at Ferntree. So much fun. And so much joy in the cold air. I love to rug up and not overheat when I go walking.

The leaf photo above was taken today at the Botanical Gardens. Too many people around with the Environment festival, but the oak grove was practically deserted. Bliss.

This is a Noro catherine wheel scarf recently finished for my sister. I have one just the same for me, and I love it. It's such a joy to watch the colours unfold!

And another Noro scarf - this one for my father's partner. Again, a joy to watch the colours develop!

And finally a vest for me! This has been on the go for a couple of years now, and I finally got around to sewing the squares together! It's Rowan's Periwinkle vest and I've Ravelled it here.

I have a quite a few interesting knitting projects on the go at the moment and not enough time! I also have a few things queued.

One of my current projects is from an old Patons book from the Second World War. I can't reveal too much, as it's part of a suite of retro knits for a birthday present.

My queue includes this wonderful headband by Kate Davies and a striped vest knitted in a wonderful selection of Cascade 220 heathered blues and greens from the Stash Cupboard.

The knitting projects will never end. This is such a joy and a comfort - the certainty that I can always pick up the needles, the anticipation of a new project, the excitement of casting on, and the sense of satisfaction at a project completed. A blessing indeed.

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