Saturday, December 27, 2014

A New House!

A lot has happened since my last post. Well, it is nearly a year, but still a major change has occurred! I sold my flat and bought a house! I lived in that little flat for 13 years, and am loving the sense of space in the house - there are three bedrooms - one for me, one as a craft room and one for guests.

The house is big enough for me to have hosted 12 people for Boxing Day lunch. We all fitted around my new dining table with ease. The kitchen was big enough to manage all the food and dishes. And the rest of the house was big enough for my 5 year old nephew to run around and play hide and seek with his older cousin without disruption. Perfect!

I am still doing up the craft room. I've stripped off the wallpaper, scrubbed off the glue and now have to patch up the cracks and paint. Will post pictures later. The craft room is taking longer than anticipated as I'm spending a lot of time in the garden! Loving the garden... So many plans, so little time... Will post more about that later too.

Remember this quilt? Well it is finally done. Quilted by the Quilted Crow ladies, and taking pride of place in my new bedroom.

This is part of my hallway with a map garland I made just before Christmas. I can see more garland making happening over the summer holidays.

A collection of flowers - some from my garden and some from a friends'. I'm so excited by the possibility of planting lots of roses and other flowers, and arranging them in the house.

And finally, some roses from my garden. I took this photo in the bright light of the morning, and the camera serendipitously overexposed the photo. It has the quality of a painting. If I had the painting skills, I'd try and replicate it on canvas.

Hoping to blog more very soon about house, and craft, and garden!

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