Sunday, February 10, 2013

No rice pudding...

I was going to make sticky black rice pudding with coconut milk for dessert tonight, but discovered that I should soak the rice overnight to make the cooking quicker... Sigh. It will have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime I can turn on the tv and get some vicarious food thrills via The Supersizers. I love that show.

I've made some good progress on my Quilted Crow runner. The large squares are all pieced, my plastic templates are ready and I've started cutting out many, many little pieces of felted wool...

I was lucky to already have embroidery threads in colours to match the wool. Tomorrow I will lay out the pieces and maybe make a start on the applique. The pattern says to glue and staple the pieces to keep them in place. This scares me a little. I'll try pinning first and see if I can get away without doing any basting. I don't like basting... At all. I'm comfortable with a certain degree of imperfection! Or lazy - take your pick!

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