Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Bevy of Cushions

I have been making new cushions for my couch: getting rid of the old hippy style green florals and replacing them with blues and reds and woolen checks. I found the embroidered tree at an op shop years ago - so much work and someone gave it away! This is an old beloved cushion and the linen is starting to wear. I will need to unpick it, mend the linen and then resew it.

The largest cushions are wool - from second hand kilts and op-shop fabric. I unpicked the kilts and gave all the pieces a hot machine wash to slightly felt them. I particularly like the blue and beige check. The needlepoint floral is a piece I stitched thirty or more years ago. My grandmother taught me how to do needlepoint and bought me the kit. The piece sat unfinished in the cupboard, to be discovered and finished many years later. I backed it in velvet and filled it with feathers. I finished the red check cushion this afternoon. It's just two squares sewed together without a fancy closing - I just sewed the opening up with an invisible seam. Because the wool fabric has been pre-washed in hot water, I can throw the whole cushion in the washing machine and know it will come out ok.

This gorgeous piece of fabric is Kristen Doran's 'Winter Nest' panel. It has been waiting patiently in my old oak filing cabinet. I had thought to incorporate it into a smock, but think the cushion does it better justice - it is on permanent display rather than hiding in the wardrobe.

The back is red and cream cotton ticking, bought from Spotlight a few years ago - such a pity I can't get this anymore.

There is something quite uplifting and energising about changing things around the house. Sometimes I go around re-appraising all my stuff and getting rid of anything I wouldn't buy now - looking with fresh eyes and ruthlessly giving things away instead of hanging on to things 'just in case'. The op-shops benefit from my donations and I end up feeling lighter and relieved of the past.

I can't believe the weekend is almost over. Where does the time go? Time now for some soup for dinner and then I'll settle in front of the tv for the next installment of 'Downton Abbey' - an addiction after only one episode!

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